AR Beer Guide

Meet the first ever beer sommelier in Augmented Reality(AR).
‘Gio’ tells you all about Belgian brewers history and guides you in between your beers.


If we cannot receive you in our bars, we will send our digital beer sommelier to your home!
 Gio will tell you all about our breweries, barrels and beers, wherever you are. And you can even deploy our bar in your living room.

You can deploy our bar anywhere and anytime, step in and pay us a visit. Gio will be your host and explain you our current offering. And if you want to know more about the beers, the tasting experience or the history of the breweries, Gio is your personal beer sommelier and she will tell you all about!

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We recruited a female beer sommelier because we believe we should have more women in the Belgian beer culture.

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About Augmented Reality (AR)

Through Augmented Reality (AR), the internet moves from flat screens to 3D content that seamlessly blends into your environment. These experiences and objects look and sound real on your phone, tablet or glasses. While including the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) , the value of digital objects can be certified. Do you possess an exclusive beer via NFT? Yes, the NFT is your digital certificate of ownership, and it will make sure it is in yours and only yours. And just like any physical bottle, you’ll be able to sell it, gift it, or decide where and to whom you show it. The BBA is more than an Alliance in the Belgian Beer world. It’s a trailblazing alliance ‘where Heritage meets Innovation’.