Blockchain technology to ‘serve and protect’ Belgian beer culture


An actor role in the “Belgian Barrels” movie

Feature as actor in the Belgian Barrels movie production “Based on a series of true stories”


Collectibles, Bottles & Barrel shares

Own a collectible bottle, or a part of a legendary Belgian Beer barrel.


Schaarbeekse cherry trees

Parent a traditional Schaarbeekse Cherry Tree

NFT #1 – Actor role in the ‘Belgian Barrels’ movie

Feature in the ‘Belgian Barrels’ movie

To promote beer culture, the Belgian Barrels Alliance is producing a movie ‘based on a series of true stories’. A story about the protection of Belgian beer heritage.
It is produced by the BBA and is currently in the running to receive Netflix funding.

The cast consists of real representatives of the beer culture, farmers and brewers. But a film about Belgian beer wouldn’t be complete without crowd and beer fans.

That’s why we’re giving eleven (11) beer fans the chance to feature in this film. Exact roles are of course at the discretion of the producer, but if you buy this NFT, you will be guaranteed screen time.

Interested in becoming part of this historic film?

Then, join the auction! (80% of the earnings will be donated to a charity in Belgium)

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NFT #2  – Collectibles, Bottles & Barrel shares

The Belgian Barrels Alliance promotes the specialist skill of ageing beers in wooden barrels. It’s a tradition that creates unique flavours and collectible bottles. You can now become co-owner of a 500l barrel of rare seasonal blend, vintage bottles or unique collectibles around Belgian Beer culture.

Old Barrel of beer - Belgian Barrels

Each of the shares of the barrel has a unique identification number. Every buyer receives a Barrel NFT, a digital token proving your co-ownership.

In return for supporting BBA projects, revivals of local Belgian breweries and traditional production methods, we offer you privileges. Being owner of an NFT, you unlock the following privileges:

  • Early bird access/whitelisting on all BBA events for yourself +1 person
  • Private access (after reservation) to the BBA (members-only) cellars.
  • Access to the (members-only) vintage beer menu in our clubs.
  • Access to a marketplace, where the ownership can be bought and sold.

Interested in owning a part of this unique barrel? Then, sign up here to get whitelisted for the auction and receive more info on any future barrels.

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NFT #3 – Parent a Schaarbeekse cherry Tree

To support and maintain of the UNESCO World Heritage , the Belgian Barrels Alliance will auction 200 Schaarbeekse cherry trees per year. Each of the certificates comes with a set of privileges to stimulate the auctions.

Why do we do this? The fruits of these trees develop unique flavours and are instrumental in making the world-famous traditional sour cherry beers. But their existence is under threat. The proceeds of the sales will be used to plant 200 new Schaarbeekse cherry trees yearly, and maintain the existing ones on protected sites around Brussels.

Each cherry tree comes with a unique identification number, and in time (after planting) also its GPS coordinates. So every buyer will receive a unique Cherry Tree NFT, a digital token of ‘your tree’.

In return for contributing to this project, you receive privileges! As owner of one of the NFT’s, you can unlock:

  • Access to an Augmented Reality version of your tree. So you can show it off in the Metaverse.
  • Your inclusions in a living monument. Your name will be displayed in the AR cloud above the trees site.
  • Early bird access/whitelisting on all BBA events for yourself +1 person
  • Private access (after reservation) to the BBA (members-only) cellars.
  • Access to the (members-only) vintage beer menu in our clubs.
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  • VIP Guided tour (with beer tasting) to one of the artisan breweries working with the Schaarbeekse cherries
  • Early-bird pass to cherry tree related events. You will get the chance to sign up, before they are announced to the general public.
  • Early notifications on exclusive bottle releases.
  • Plus… in true NFT spirit, you will also get access to a marketplace, where the ownership of your tree can be bought and sold

Interested in owning a bit of beer culture?
Then, sign up here to get whitelisted for the auction.

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